Another milestone

My 2.5 year old gone today without wearing a nappy.  Another milestone reached.  Now if we can just get over these terrible 2’s, all will be well in Kingdom Baroutsos



I was watching “Men in Trees” last week and got thinking about love.  Can we really stay as in love as when we just started dating?  Does it change with us?  What does “trough sickness and in health” really means?  Is that just physical sickness or mentally too?  What do you think?

Vicious Circles

I found out this week that I have my own vicious circle.  As some of you know, I’m on anti-depressions.  I started off with one that gave me very vivid dreams (some real nightmares) and got an anti-anxiety pill to help me sleep.  I went to the doc for a checkup this week and found out that the anti-anxiety pill is making me fat, and got another pill to help with that.  Now seeing that my weight is one of the problems I’m depressed about, it’s not the best news to get.  What next???

My “big” daughter

It is with sentiment that I go to Melissa’s graduation from creche tonight.  I can’t believe she’s going to “BIG” school next year.  When I look back at photos of her baby days, I remember the ups and downs of growing up the last 6 years.  I can just imagine what still lies ahead.  Don’t even want to think about the teenage years yet. Good luck my baby Girl.


Ok, everyone is going to ask: “Soetmeisie?”  Well, it’s a long story of days gone by chatting instead of working.  It started off with a nickname of SM.  And THAT worked out well, so I was christened “SoetMeisie” by the guys in the chatroom, but offen became “StoutMeisie” <eg>.  Those were the carefree days – no husband and kids to look after.

Let’s see, more about me? mmmm?  … will have to get back to that one later when I can decide even where to start and who I am these days.